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Janet Golder Kngwarreye

Janet Golder Kungwarley


Language Amachala

Born November 15, 1973


Janet's mother is Margaret Golder and her father is Sammy Petyrre.

The child of two famous artists, she was born into the Amachara tribe and grew up surrounded by family and clans in the area of Mulga Bore in UTOPIA. Also grandmother, grandfatherEmily Kame KngwarreyeKudditji KngwarreyeMoreIt is natural for her to draw pictures, and she herself likes to draw pictures very much. Currently based in Alice Springs, she lives with her husband and four lovely children while being invited to galleries in Japan and abroad to create paintings and hold exhibitions. She travels to various environments, but when she has nothing to do, she wants to return to her hometown, UTOPIA. He told me that spending time in the nature where he grew up is the most calming and natural.

She used body paint on her body during women's ceremonies.

“Women’s ceremony “Aweye””, “Bush medicine”

(It is recognized to draw many stories including medicinal herbs. He is attracting attention from around the world as one of the leading artists in the future Aboriginal art world.


Janet Golder Kngwarreye  artworks

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