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Kudditji KngwarreyeMore  Kudungji Ungwarre


Language Amachala

about 1928-


Born in UTOPIA, Northern Territory,

world renowned australian artist

"Emily Kame Kngwarreye" (died 1996)

He is the younger brother of Amachara and the elder of Amachara.

The head of the group and presides over many important traditional ceremonies and laws,

He was an important figure whose portrait was drawn.


The way they colored the campus while singing the song made me think of a sacred ceremony.


Even now, at the age of 90, he continues to paint vigorously.

His beautiful, soft, powerful and original work "My country"

Imagine the grandeur of the earth,attract a lot of people.

Establishing a one-of-a-kind existence, its view of the world attracts attention from all over the world and is highly evaluated.


Kudditji Kngwarreye artworks



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