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nomin universeは
自然との融合 調和をテーマに
" 生きる力 " をお届けしています。

nomin universe

Harmony with nature as the theme

Through "Agriculture, Sound, and Aboriginal Art"

We deliver healthy and rich life guidanceI'm here.

2010 I want to play Djembe (drums) in an environment where I can light a fire every day.

A self-sufficient life that started from such a place.

​The days of learning, enjoying, and practicing from nature

Naturally to "agriculture" life work

It was connected.

In 2012, I experienced a powerful total solar eclipse in Australia.

"Sound" sound healing started naturally while traveling.

I met you as if I was being led"ah"Boriginal Art"


those experiences are just

Life so far, encounters and learning, experiences, practices,

past present future

It felt like all the pieces were tied together.

Through "Agriculture, Sound, and Aboriginal Art"

I would be happy if I could help you with your healthy days.

nomin universe Yamachi & Kazuyo

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