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Our Work


Umin Farm, a small farm in Satoyama run by a couple

From preparing the soil to sowing the seeds to harvesting to delivery, our rice and vegetables are grown wholeheartedly.

fusion with natureIt is a pure energy born from harmony.

What you take in your body Be kind and safe to your mind, body, and environment.

We feel that it is a true delicacy.

Agriculture in the nomin universe that started with self-sufficiency.

Learn from nature and nurture it.

I want you to eat this! from the thoughtIt has now become my life's work.

”You are what you eat  You are what you eat”

​I would appreciate it if I could support healthy daily life from cells through agriculture.

nomin universe Yamachi & Kazuyo


​ Wife God Rice

​New in 2022, Wife God Rice

Special rice for special occasions.

​ Reservations have closed.

Thank you for booking with us again this year!

Moon rhythm vegetable set


Circulating Soil / Pesticide-free / Fertilizer-free

About 10 years from soil making

No pesticides or fertilizers usedCoexist and enhance each other with microorganisms in the soil

Noumin Farm's rice paddies and fields are full of energy with farming methods that are gentle in all directions. The soil is raised by circulating what grows here (straw, rice bran, vegetable waste).

Eating heals the body, protects the environment, and heals the earth.




​ environment

Seto City, Aichi Prefecture

Japanese giant salamanders and Japanese serows, which are natural treasures,

A natural satoyama with fireflies flying around.

Noumin Farm's rice paddies are rare, completely independent rice paddies with no adjacent rice paddies, where the clearest water from the mountains flows into.

The fields are similarly surrounded by nature.

Abundant Nature​We value protecting the environment and making it even better.  



​Cultivation scale

Small-scale, multi-item cultivation that you can always enjoy and take care of. Do not damage the environment, do not burden the environment.

​Fusion with Nature We strive to create designs that take advantage of the characteristics of crops and soil so that they can develop in harmony.


​Fixed and native species

Seeds are life.

At Noumin Farm, we mainly use fixed species and native species.

​ cultivated.

Fixed species Indigenous crops compared to mainstream F1 species

We also know that there are many times the difference in energy.

The unique appearance, taste, and original energy of the crops teach us the importance of seeds.

By connecting the seeds of grown crops (self-seeding), we will tune to what suits this land.



​Moon rhythm cultivation

As well as the body, the phases of the moon have a great impact on the crops.

By proceeding with farm work according to the rhythm of the phases of the moon

​ Brings out the natural power of plants.

Moon rhythm vegetable set

set content:

□ About 7 to 10 items

□Acquisition content and price fluctuate depending on the season

​ □ Outstanding freshness just before delivery ​

◉S  ¥3,000 ◉M ¥3,500~4,000 ◉L  ¥4,500~5,000


□Delivery is available from Seto City to your home in the suburbs of Owariasahi City, or to your desired location (additional ¥500)

□ Depending on the schedule, delivery at Noumin Farm is possible

​ □ Mail (extra shipping fee)

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