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Title : Walk About ( Album )

It's been about 3 years since the 2nd album "Into the Nature"

3rd album "Walk About"

A piece in which 5 songs with different moods form a rhythm like a story.

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Title : Creek Walk (7:14)

It seems to wash away my soul

Beautiful water sounds and overtones guide you to a body trip.

A meditation song with a feeling of floating, like walking in a stream.


Into the Nature

Title : Into the Nature ( Album )

1.Asa Moonta (6):53 )

2. Sound of Farm ( 7:51 )

3. Yambaru ( 20:57 )

Morning, noon, night, development like the rhythm of the day,

Soothing wave sounds, river sounds, and healing sounds of water.

From waking up to sleepingMelt into the biorhythm of the natural world and heal your mind and body 1Sheet.


Title : Circulation ( 43:00 )

528hz hand ram

overtones of the didgeridoo

Along with beautiful melodies such as bar chimes

Satoyama sound (natural sound)A long song full of energy.

Never faded from the announcement in 2014

Healing loop sound source that expresses the seasonal tour of Satoyama

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