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Gloria Petyarre Gloria Pethara


Language Amachala

Around 1945~


Gloria was born around 1945 in ATNANGKERE in the Central Desert. She is perhaps the most famous and important of Australia's working female Aboriginal artists.
In the late 1980s, the government gave UTOPIA women the opportunity to become economically independent.
Aiming to regain Aboriginal identity
I sent him to Indonesia to learn the technique of batik.
She was a central figure among them and had a high level of artistry.
He is one of the painters who led this batik project to great success.
He has held solo exhibitions in Ireland, London, Singapore, New York and India.
In 2008, the largest scale ever held at the Osaka National Museum of Art
Aboriginal art exhibition, Gloria's aunt Emily Kame Kngwarreye exhibitionHe was invited as an official guest to the opening ceremony of the event and came to Japan for the first time.


Gloria Petyarre artworks

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