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What is Aboriginal art 

Popular all over the world as contemporary art

drawn by aboriginal australian "Aboriginal art"


These days, you can see them in Japan as well.There are various types.

​We nomin universe actually visited the site and felt it from the siteThe world of real Aboriginal art.

We will share their fascinating Aboriginal world that has been handed down from ancient times!


australian indigenous aboriginal

Australian Aboriginal ---

They are  existingAn ethnic group that maintains the oldest culture on earthIts history goes back more than 50,000 years.

Aboriginals who have lived in a "non-literate society" without writing since ancient times

Draw unique patterns and symbols on murals and sand using ocher (mineral pigment),It has been passed down from generation to generation.

It is the wisdom inherited from our ancestors, the wisdom to live,It was also a visual map.

It presents a map of the earth as if viewed from above, and conveys the locations of medicinal herbs, food, and groundwater sources.

Also, how they relate to nature, that is, their myths, the creation of the world, and the stories between tribes.

At first glance, their paintings, which look like mysterious patterns and symbols, are very important for them to survive in the harsh desert.informationThat's how it was.


​Dreamtime / Dreaming

dream time,

They are " JukurpaI'm calling it.

He has a unique view of the world such as nature worship, religious concepts and rules,

Its meaning is very broad and is still being researched.

Because there were no words that could be translated into EnglishDreamtime DreamingI came to call it.

​ Aboriginals do not separate the past, present and future, but consider them to exist simultaneously.

It transcends commonly accepted notions of time.

​​ For us modern people who are conscious of time every dayIt may be a little confusing, but

It's very interesting because it has something in common with cosmological theory.

nature worship, animist worship, etc.There is also a world view similar to Yaoyorozu no Kami, and you can feel the roots of animism.

For Aboriginals, dancing, singing, and painting

It is a sacred ceremony to connect with the dream world where spirits, earth and ancestors travel and create heaven and earth.

  to access mythical worlds and the Age of CreationI call it Dreamtime Dreaming.


aboriginal art movement

aboriginal art movementBirthplace, Australia's Central Desert

In 1901, the Australian Commonwealth Government was established  Westerners Behind the Birth of the NationIt has a history of settlement.

  which is a critical turning point for indigenous AboriginesIt was a tough and sad time.

Vast land What is the inland part of the Australian continent?

remote from the coast地 A harsh place with a completely different climate,central desert.


Because the settlement of Westerners began and the settlers could not easily go

It is said that Aboriginal culture remained stronglyIt is

The traditional Dreaming, passed down from generation to generation,In the first place, it was a no-go.

However, through a deliberate attempt by the tribal elders to preserve the belief system and culture inherited from their ancestors,

To pass on to the next generation of indigenous children Public sharing began to take place.

The first public release of The Dreaming was Honey Ants Dreaming, painted on the walls of a school in a community.

From this Australian Central Desert, where the past, present, and future intersect and are intricately entwined

This leads to recent years Aboriginal Art Movement was born.

The Aboriginals we have been fortunate enough to meet

Leading the Aboriginal art movementIt was a very famous artist family in the world.

As an essential art that conveys the flow of their long historyThe existence of Aboriginal art

That is why it is called a message from the earth of the universe.

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