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Aboriginal art exhibition


2023 9/9 - 9/24

@gallery GULI GULI , Osaka

2020. 9/17-21
Aboriginal Art Exhibition ~Dreamtime Memories of the Earth~
@Ene_nittouren , Nagoya

aboriginal art exhibition.jpg

A 5-day exhibition was held at the gallery Enne_nittouren in Higashi-ku, Nagoya.

A lot of people came to visit us, and many works were inherited.

​The three-day talk show and didgeridoo performances were also very well received.

From encounters with artists, their view of the world, stories related to Dreaming,

And the powerful vibrations of the didgeridoo enveloped Enne's space.

At this time of the corona misfortuneIndigenous wisdom that has been handed down from ancient times,

The tougher and beautiful energy seemed to connect to the depths of everyone's hearts. ​

 It was a very meaningful five days full of enthusiasm.

2019. 6/16
Dreamtime ~Messages from Australian Aboriginals~
@K. COLY-COLY , Nagoya


At Cafe K.COLY-COLY in Akaike, Nisshin City

Aboriginal Art Cafe Gallery Exhibition held.

​We hope that everyone who came to our store enjoyed themselves in a homey space. ​

Many people were interested in the Aboriginal world at the mini talk show ​,The inheritance of works was also carried out.

Although it was held for only one day, it was a condensed exhibition.

May 2015
Outdoor Aboriginal Art Appreciation
@Elementary school , Nagoya


A meeting held under the theme of knowing and protecting the local natural environment

At the request of an environmental conservation activity group, we held a nighttime outdoor viewing party at an elementary school in Moriyama Ward, Nagoya City.

In addition to didgeridoo performances and exhibitions in the schoolyard,

The installation projecting Aboriginal art onto the school building was very well received.

Local people, children, and everyone who participated enjoyed themselves.

May 2015
Nursery school extracurricular activities Aboriginal art blue sky appreciation party
@ Steiner Nursery School, Nagoya


Request for extracurricular activities from Steiner Nursery School in Showa Ward, Nagoya City

Held an outdoor Aboriginal art appreciation event and a didgeridoo workshop.

Appreciating art and performing in a lush natural environment stimulated and nurtured the five senses.

It was enjoyed not only by the children but also by the parents who attended.

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